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first listen to The Bad Plus - Never Stop II on NPR

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NPR: first listen

A continuity and a break: That's the history of The Bad Plus in a nutshell. An acoustic piano trio with the combustion properties of a post-punk band, it emerged in the early 2000s to an uproar - its surging attack and shrewd repertoire were framed as a radical split from the jazz tradition. Gradually a more perceptive view emerged, one that acknowledged where the band was really coming from.

Now the focus has shifted to where it's headed. The new year marked the end of the line for The Bad Plus as it had always been known, with Ethan Iverson on piano, Reid Anderson on bass and Dave King on drums. The reasons were complicated, and remain so. But the facts are plain enough: Iverson has left the band. His piano chair has been filled by Orrin Evans, whose first documented work in that role can be heard on a new studio album, Never Stop II.

Here's The Bad Plus Never Stop II - NPR: first listen