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New Remix From Max Richter's 8-Hour Lullaby - Sleep / Motherboard

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Max Richter's somnolent opus Sleep is mostly premised on this overlooked question: falling asleep during a presentation, a funeral, a comedy routine, or a conversation is bad, sure, but should being lulled to sleep by music be such a bad thing? Could it be a good thing to fall asleep to music, both for the composer and the dozer?

I'm a musical sleeper myself, maybe under the spell of both the city (where I grew up and where noise at night is its own kind of lullaby) and the pseudo-science and the science that says that babies should listen to Bach while they're sleeping and that old people should too. One 2005 study found that for seniors with sleep problems, listening to relaxing classical music for 45 minutes before going to bed helped improve their subjective sleep quality. In a 2008 study, twenty-something students listened to classical music, audiobooks, and nothing as they fell asleep; only the students who listened to music showed marked improvement in their sleep.  READ THE FULL Motherboard ARTICLE