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Gabriel Kahane - The Ambassador / Classical: KING 'Second Inversion' review

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What springs to mind when you think of Los Angeles? Most will immediately think of sun, surf, and superficiality.

The city of nearly 4 million falls victim to a heck of a lot of stereotypes considering its size and diversity. But we native Californians (even Northerners who are, ahem, not always fond of our neighbors to the South) know LA is a lot more complicated than the rest of the world would have you believe.

The composer Gabriel Kahane spent the first two years of his life in Venice Beach, but he grew up primarily in Upstate New York and Northern California. It wasn't until adulthood that he began to understand the rich history and complexity of his birthplace. His newest CD, The Ambassador, is a wonderful tribute to Los Angeles in all its beautiful and gritty glory. The album, released on Sony, is a testament to Kahane's versatility as a singer and songwriter. It provides proof (as if we needed it) that classical, indie and pop needn't exist apart from each other. READ THE FULL Classical King: Seattle 'Second Inversion' REVIEW.