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Jane Ira Bloom - Early Americans gets 2018 GRAMMY nomination

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After the success of Jane Ira Bloom's 2014 all-ballads release "Sixteen Sunsets" the sopranist shifted into another gear for the Sono Luminus label, showcasing the kinetic energy of her acclaimed trio on - Early Americans. Her first trio album, sixteenth as leader, and sixth on the Outline label, Bloom's sound is like no other on the straight horn and she lets it fly on every track. Joined by long-time bandmates Mark Helias on bass & drummer Bobby Previte, this trio has over fifty years of shared musical history together and shows it picking up a GRAMMY nomination in the 'Best Surround Sound Album' category. 

Album personell - Jim Anderson, surround mix engineer; Darcy Proper, surround mastering engineer; Jim Anderson & Jane Ira Bloom, surround producers (Jane Ira Bloom). Label: Sono Luminus