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David Chesky Is Back in Action

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David Chesky's three new concertos have redefined the role of the modern string soloist.  By fusing the classical concerto form with the modern harmonic language of American rhythmic jazz, these innovative works extend theoretical parameters to realms reserved only for the few pioneers truly revolutionizing their instruments today. Tom Chiu and Dave Eggar are by turn chamber soloists, free jazz experimentalists, and poetic sound abstractionists who bring a volcanic rock-and-roll energy to these works, transcending the typical concerto. Fiendishly difficult passage work and extreme timbral ranges present a new athleticism to the musical virtuosity as the soloists debate, collide and duel with the orchestra and also with each other.  Throughout, Chesky's poignant juxtaposition of primitive power of urban groove and the elegance of classical refinement reveals the birth of a new genre in American music.


Tom Chiu and Dave Eggar discuss David Chesky's 'String Theory'  in the clip