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Classical Radio pays Homages to Benjmain Grosvenor

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On Homages - Benjmain Grosvenor explores works by great composers paying tribute to their predecessors. Among these works, Mendelssohn looks back to the Prelude & Fugue form made so popular by Bach; and Franck does likewise (adding a Chorale as a central section). Busoni takes Bach's great solo violin Chaconne, presenting it in a bold transcription for piano; Chopin breathes new life in to the traditional ‘Barcarolle' of Venetian gondoliers, followed ten years later by Lizst's tribute to Italian folksong, Venezia e Napoli. From the 20th Century, Ravel looks to the traditional baroque suite for inspiration for his Tombeau de Couperin (available only on the digital release).

This new 'Homages' album - released by Decca in September has become a favorite for classical radio and BG has now made time available to speak with programmers about his career and Homages. National and statewide networks will be participating as well as local stations in Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Detroit, Austin, Minneapolis, Spokane, Buffalo, Toledo and Lafayette IN.