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Murray Perahia - Bach 'French Suites' / ArtsHub review

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American pianist Murray Perahia turns 70 in April.  After 43 years recording with Sony, where his Chopin, Schubert, Beethoven and Mozart are particularly renowned, his first recording for Deutsche Grammophon is a double CD of Bach's French Suites (BWV 812-817).  That these works have been with Perahia throughout his life is demonstrated here in the lucidity and eloquence of the performance.

Inspired by French composers of Bach's day, each of the six Suites is a collection of dance movements.  The pianist writes of the importance of the dance rhythms:  ‘They are the sort of life-spring of [the] Suites.  Just to pay attention to the dance element would be as wrong as not paying attention.  For there is so much else: the voice leading, the harmony, the counterpoint is really the most interesting aspect to me but if you don't have a rhythm to bounce this off it is somehow dead'.