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Splendid performances on William Susman's 'Collision Point' / textura

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American composer William Susman (b. 1960) is well-served by the splendid performances his contemporary classical material receives at the hands of the Rome-based ensemble Piccola Accademia degli Specchi (Little Academy of Mirrors). What's especially interesting about Collision Point is that of the four original works presented (all of them premiere recordings), two stem from 2010 and the others the mid-‘90s. Whether by accident or design, the music therefore offers a fascinating opportunity to assess whatever changes might have transpired in his composing style between then and now. Without wishing to oversimplify matters, the earlier pieces noticeably reflect the influence of American minimalism, whereas the later ones indicate a less derivative style, Susman having absorbed the influence of Glass, Riley, Reich, et al. so thoroughly it's less conspicuous.