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Ben Cooper is in 'Therapy' with popMATTERS

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Ben Cooper's latest EP as Radical Face is Therapy. The collection, which arrives April 26 via Bear Machine, is both a continuation and departure from his eight-year, three-part Family Tree series. Through those releases, he explored his complex family life, ultimately realizing that the material proved difficult to perform and difficult to live with.

Having relocated to Los Angeles after an intense court battle involving his family, Cooper soon began attending weekly therapy sessions. The process sparked his latest EP, resulting in a collection of songs that are thoughtful and which perfectly capture the precarious nature of opening one's soul and seeing what, if anything, is worth keeping and what must be cast away. At times cinematic but always honest and emotionally engaging, Therapy never overplays its emotional hand is all the more necessary for it.

Cooper recently spoke with PopMatters Jedd Bueadoin about the record's origins and, yes, his journey through therapy.