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PMG plays the Ordway in Minneapolis /

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The four-member group fronted by Cuban percussionist Pedrito Martinez on Sunday night at the Ordway Music Theater is smaller than most touring, Latin music groups. But Martinez's talented group easily achieves a "more than the sum of the parts" effect, with the complex, multi-layered music they produce onstage. Martinez and his colleagues seemed in a buoyant mood, having returned the day before from a trip to Cuba, where they recorded a CD of new music slated for release later this year, the New York-based band leader said. The Havana-born Martinez, 42, is one of two Cubans in the group. The other is pianist and arranger Edgar Pantoja-Aleman, a native of Santiago de Cuba. The other members are electric bassist Alvaro Benevides of Venezuela and Peruvian native and current New Yorker Jhair Sala, who plays cowbell and bongos.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the combo's group dynamic is the tight cohesion and seemingly telepathic synchronization of Martinez and Sala -- understandable, since Sala met Martinez when Sala was only 10 and spent his teenage years receiving extensive percussion tutelage from Martinez.   READ THE FULL REVIEW