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Anne-Sophie Mutter - This Dvorak album / WETA 'CD Pick of the Week'

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Anne-Sophie Mutter was 15 when she made her first recording in 1978.  With her mentor Herbert von Karajan, she joined the Berlin Philharmonic for Mozart's third and fifth violin concertos.  She went on to make several other recordings with that orchestra early in her career.  In 2013, she returned to recording with the Berlin Philharmonic after a 30-year hiatus, this time with conductor Manfred Honeck.

This Dvořák album is the result, and it's the first time Mutter has recorded the Dvořák Violin Concerto. "For me the occasion to make this recording, musically speaking, was overdue, because I've worked intensively on this piece.  I went back to the orchestral score, and revised almost everything that I'd done previously," says the violinist.  "I was very touched and surprised that she brings completely new colors and new ideas to it," continued Honeck.  Mutter elaborated, "It's wonderful to encounter an orchestra and conductor where something happens as soon as you start playing together.  When I work with the Berlin Philharmonic and Manfred Honeck, I can feel a creative tension between us that motivates, inspires and uplifts us all." 

Anne-Sophie Mutter - This Dvořák album is the WETA: Wash DC 'CD Pick of the Week'