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Yo-Yo Ma plays Saint-Saens - 'The Swan' for PBS: NewsHour

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Yo-Yo Ma began dazzling audiences when he was five. Now, his new album "Songs from the Arc of Life," which came out just before his 60th birthday, focuses on the ups and downs of the human experience. PBS: NewsHour Chief arts and culture correspondent Jeffrey Brown recently visited Ma at a recording studio in New York. The cellist told him the album, which he recorded with his longtime collaborator pianist Kathryn Stott, follows the way a person's relationship to music changes with age.

"What do people remember from their childhood, music from their childhood, from first dance all the way through?" he said. "We went through a selection process to think [about], what do people go through when they are teenagers, or what do they go through when they're in, you know, adolescence, or middle age, or late age."      WATCH THE VIDEO