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Avishai Cohen - Big Vicious is for the long haul / marlbank

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As discussed last month when the first lead-off track was released now's the time for Avishai Cohen. However, like so many other artists the spectre of Coronavirus means having to cancel some upcoming tour dates. Drat. However this album coming out at the end of March is for both a short term replacement and for the long haul. The Israeli trumpeter's Big Vicious could not be more different to his work with Kandace Springs who he has guested beautifully with recently. However that appearance shows how he can come in from the edgier redoubts of the avant garde to commute to the bright lights of the commercial big city sound without selling out.

Big Vicious both the name of the album and his band was recorded in the south of France last summer. Guitarist Uzi Ramirez, bass guitarist Yonatan Albalak, drummer Aviv Cohen and drummer/synth/programmer Ziv Ravitz are also on the record. The band is the thing after all. A very hip sound a world away from designer lo-fi designer jazz you hear buffering away all around at the moment. While the mood on 'Hidden Chamber' is bleak somehow there is a sense of hope. 'King Kutner' is an outlier more a blues-rock number and comes complete with an anthemic sense to it as the guitar accompaniment goes into a driving routine.