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Lang Lang set for Queensland & Sydney Symphony / The Australian

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Lang Lang's energy is a formidable thing. Classical music's $US20 million man is speaking to Review just before midnight, fresh from a three-hour concert recital in Frankfurt's Alte Oper, but despite the late hour and marathon performance, he is all spark and snap. Tired? Not the Chinese keyboard virtuoso, who played gamely through a food poisoning attack in Munich the week before. "If I am hungry, angry, tired, I still play the same. Once on stage, I forget everything and somehow just go into the music world - even last week, when I ate something wrong and my stomach was all over rumbling, ha ha!" You can't help but laugh in return. Lang Lang, 33, comes across like an agreeable child (fittingly his name is derived from the Chinese character for "brightness and sunshine"). He speaks in long, singsong sentences, his guttural native Shenyang accent mixed with a strain of east coast American, crossing from critics, commerce and cultural barriers to how the piano is like a drug addiction: "After three days off, I feel like something is wrong with the world."

Lang Lang performs with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra in Brisbane on June 7 and with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra on June 10 and 11 after a solo recital in Sydney on June 8.         READ THE FULL Australian ARTICLE