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90.5 - Classical Louisville presents Lara Downes at IU-SE

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"Let America be America again. Let it be the dream it used to be." – Langston Hughes

"Today, as I write these words, we are living again in troubled times. For too many Americans, circumstance and skin color still keep the promise out of reach, the dream deferred. The hard-won rights and long-sought justice for which our parents and grandparents fought are too easily slipping away. The rifts and rivalries that divide us as a nation seem to run deeper than ever. But still, we dreamers keep dreaming our dream. This music is a tribute to the generations of Americans who dream the impossible: black and white, men and women, immigrants and pioneers. It tells the story of their journeys, their loves and longings, their hardships and their hopes. American music is made of everything we are, coming from so many different people and places, expressing so many different dreams." - Lara Downes

90.5 WUOL Classical Louisville presents Lara Downes on November 9th at 7pm, in a free and open-to-the-public concert, at the Ogle Center at Indiana University Southeast. She'll play from her new album - America Again including the music of of Billie Holliday, George Gershwin, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Angelica Negron.  SEE WUOL PAGE