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Skuli Sverrisson, Bill Frisell and more on WBGO's 'Take Five'

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Look Sharp with NATE CHINEN and New Music on 'Take Five,' featuring Christian Sands, Mark Turner, Bill Frisell and more. 

Newvelle Records, the audiophile subscription vinyl label, is now into its third season. For those who have the proper resources - a working turntable, and some discretionary funds - it's a fabulous fount of new music that can't be heard any other way. The latest Newvelle release, shipping this week, is Strata, a poetic duo collaboration between the Icelandic bassist Skúli Sverrisson and the all-American guitarist Bill Frisell. It consists entirely of music by Sverrisson, much of it composed specifically for this pairing. But the video above features "Afternoon Variant," a piece previously heard on Sverrisson's 2013 album The Box Tree (with saxophonist Óskar Guðjónsson). No surprise that it so beautifully suits the lyrical side of Frisell, whose interplay with Sverrisson feels effortlessly deep.