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Anne Akiko Meyers releases 37th album - Mirror in Mirror / IdeaStation:WCVE

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Superstar violinist Anne Akiko Meyers and I recently sat down to talk about the release of her 37th album, "Mirror in Mirror." It's "a spiritual journey that weaves a beautiful story through commissions and arrangements by Philip Glass, John Corigliano, Jakob Ciupinski and Morten Lauridsen, alongside works by Arvo Pärt and Maurice Ravel." You'll likely recognize a few of the works, particularly Ravel's "Tzigane" and a special arrangement of the "O Magnum Mysterium" by Lauridsen. Included is a new work by John Corigliano "Lullaby for Natalie," which was commissioned to commemorate the birth of Anne's first child.

Mike Goldberg, Classical Music Host for Idea Station - WCVE: Richmond VA spoke with AAM about the new recording. LISTEN