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Pacific Symphony wows with Simone Dinnerstein / Newport Beach Indy

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The symphony's rendition of his blues-inflected concerto featured soloist Simone Dinnerstein, an absolute revelation who captivated the audience as well as the orchestra. Her masterful and emotive passages during the final movement inspired the orchestra to play so fervently that an unknown object (a piece of an instrument?) flew up in the air during the final measure, to Dinnerstein and St. Clair's delight. A night of American music would not be complete without George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue," whose intermingling of jazz and classical music awakened the world to American melody and rhythm, while signaling with one clarinet glissando that the metropolitan age of flappers, speakeasies, and skyscrapers had arrived.

A locomotive of a piece, "Rhapsody" was not let down by the kinetic symphony, who appeared to be just as propelled by its bulldozer energy as the audience. Dinnerstein was spellbinding at the piano, captivating the audience with the mesmerizingly elegant motion of her hands, and the bluesiness of her interpretation. By the close, the audience was indeed enraptured, giving the Pacific Symphony, St. Clair, and especially Dinnerstein a standing ovation and multiple shouts of "Brava!"