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Max Richter: Recomposed - Vivaldi is the WCLV 'June Choice CD'

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Each month, WCLV - Cleveland Program Director Bill O'Connell selects a series of special CDs to be featured on the air throughout the month. For the June CD list one of Bill's standouts is 'Recomposed' by Max Richter: 'Vivaldi - The Four Seasons' - Daniel Hope, violin; Max Richter, Moog synthesizer; Berlin Concert House Chamber Orchestra/André de Ridder on DG.

Blair Sanderson, "Antonio Vivaldi's Le Quattro Stagioni is one of the most beloved works in Baroque music, and even the most casual listener can recognize certain passages of "Spring" or "Winter" from frequent use in television commercials and films. Yet if these concertos have grown a little too familiar to experienced classical fans, Max Richter has disassembled them and fashioned a new composition from the deconstructed pieces. Using post-minimalist procedures to extract fertile fragments and reshape the materials into new music, Richter has created an album that speaks to a generation familiar with remixes, sampling, and sound collages, though his method transcends the manipulation of prerecorded music. Richter has actually rescored the Four Seasons and given the movements of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter thorough makeovers that vary substantially from the originals. The new material is suggestive of a dream state, where drifting phrases and recombined textures blur into walls of sound, only to re-emerge with stark clarity and poignant immediacy. Violinist Daniel Hope is the brilliant soloist in these freshly elaborated pieces, and the Berlin Concert House Chamber Orchestra is conducted with control and assurance by André de Ridder, so Richter's carefully calculated effects are handled with precision and subtlety."  Featured Wed 6/4, Fri 6/13, Tue 6/24.