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Lang Lang demos Lenovo's new 'Smart Cast' / Buisness Insider

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Lenovo wants you to not only use apps on your smartphone, but on the table, walls, and other surfaces all around you too. At its Tech World conference, the company showed off a concept smartphone currently being called Smart Cast. The phone comes with a built-in laser projector and infrared motion detector so that it can project images and apps in front of you that you can actually interact with. For example, you can project a touch screen or virtual keyboard onto a table, or you can just use to projector to turn your wall into a movie theater, as Lenovo notes. You can also project a certain app onto your wall or other surface while using a separate app on your phone. 

Lenovo showcased what the device can do by bringing famous pianist Lang Lang out on stage to play a virtual piano that the phone projected onto the table in front of him.  READ THE FULL Buisness Insider ARTICLE AND WATCH THE DEMO






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