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Lara Downes - America Again / KDFC: Download of the Week

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Each week KDFC: San Francisco members can download a free mp3 from some of the biggest releases in the world of Classical music. For eNotes subscribers, this week's free track is from Pianist Lara Downes - playing Morton Gould's American Caprice, from Lara's new release, America Again!, on Sono Luminus. San Francisco-born Downes takes inspiration from the musicians that inspire her, from Leonard Bernstein to Nina Simone, to express the diversity of American history and American dreams. Add American Capriceto your collection! 


The America Again title is taken from Langston Hughes' poem, Let America Be America Again, written in 1938. America Again features twenty pieces selected by Downes that explore the elusive but essential American dream, written by composers including Duke Ellington, Lou Harrison, Morton Gould, Amy Beach, George Gershwin, Angélica Negrón, Dan Visconti, Leonard Bernstein, Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, Florence Price, Aaron Copland, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, George Walker, and more.