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Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood app / Sinfini review

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A new album/app, Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood, aims to update Prokofiev's classic tale for children of the digital age. But what will they make of it? Sinfini's Alison Crutchley gave the app to a crack squadron of junior reviewers to find out.

Deutsche Grammophon's new Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood is a retelling of the children's classic set in modern-day Los Angeles, narrated by Alice Cooper and available as a digital album, CD and animated iPad app created by production company Giants Are Small. The story follows Peter's arrival in Hollywood to live with his hippy grandfather, and his heroic attempt to catch a wolf that escapes from a local zoo. The updated story contains plenty of lively nods to modern life: Peter pursues the wolf in a giant robot, and the hunters are sharp-shooting paparazzi. The app's visuals are cartoon-like, with an intriguing mix of static scenes and action, while Alice Cooper provides witty and characterful narration. The music is performed by the National Youth Orchestra of Germany under Alexander Shelley.  READ THE FULL Sinfini ARTICLE