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Jane Ira Bloom - Sixteen Sunsets / Jazz Profiles review

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After I listened to the music on Jane Ira Bloom's Sixteen Sunsets [Outline OTL 141], I knew I had been missing something - the music of Jane Ira Bloom was a revelation, to say the least.

The CD title Sixteen Sunsets is derived from the following quotation by Joseph Allen, a US Astronaut: "The sun truly ‘comes up like thunder,' and it sets just as fast. Each sunrise and sunset lasts only a few seconds. But in that time you see at least eight different bands of color come and go, from a brilliant red to the brightest and deepest blue. And you see sixteen sunrises and sixteen sunsets every day you're in space. No sunrise or sunset is ever the same."
I have long thought that the ephemeral nature of Jazz was best served when the music was played as a ballad. Slower tempos give the musician a chance to think and if the tune they are improvising on has an interesting structure, they can create beautiful alternate melodies because the slower time allows them more space with which to work. READ THE FULL Jazz Profiles Blog REVIEW.