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Radical Face 'Hard of Hearing' premieres on Paste: Daily Dose

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Daily Dose is your daily source for the song you absolutely, positively need to hear every day. Curated by the Paste Music Team. Thursday, Radical Face released the video for their latest single "Hard of Hearing," a contemplative yet upbeat departure from their usual acoustic-folk sound. Ben Cooper, the mind behind the musical project, said that the song describes:

"the awkward middle period, that space where you don't feel well at all, but you can outwardly function again. I learned from regular work with a therapist that you usually understand things long before you feel them, and that can create a sense of limbo. That limbo is where this song lives."

Cooper's weekend therapy sessions inspired the title of his forthcoming EP Therapy, out April 26 via Bear Machine Records. He knows firsthand how confronting one's past is a task easier said than done.

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