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WRTI energizes the show with live classical music / The Temple News

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Temple-owned radio station plays live classical music. Radio host Debra Lew Harder incorporated live classical music performances on her "Classical Weekdays" on Wednesday program. Harder, who hosts two WRTI shows, used to play only pre-recorded classical music from CDs or records while sitting behind a large switchboard. But she decided to energize the show by adding live performances from both well-known and up-and-coming musicians. "Listeners really get to hear their personality and their personal stories about the music, which I think makes it very interesting, and just the beauty of the music," Harder said. "It always boils down to the greatness and the beauty of the music that they're playing."

Harder said she's had more than 100 live musicians on her show since Fall 2017, like the contemporary music group Ahn Trio and guitarist Jason Vieaux. She has even accompanied one of her guests, pianist Eleonor Bindman, on the piano. During the live broadcasts, Harder sits in a large recording studio alongside the featured artist, surrounded by microphones and cameras. A behind-the-scenes crew operates the switchboards. Harder invited Grammy-nominated lutenist Ronn McFarlane to her program last Wednesday. McFarlane played songs from his newest album, "The Celtic Lute," which was released in July 2018. PHOTO: EMMA PADNER / THE TEMPLE NEWS