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Sharon Isbin's exclusive interview with Guitar World

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Sharon Isbin is an anomaly.

Yes, she's a female guitarist in the classical genre, and that is very rare. But even more rare and impressive is the fact that when she saw a dearth of compositions for guitar with orchestra, she found a way to have them created. For her. By some of the top composers in the world.

To say she is persuasive is an understatement. To say she is a precious, virtuosic and tenacious talent is not.

Currently Isbin is celebrating the imminent release of a documentary on her life and career, presented by American Public Television and set to air in November and December of 2014. The one-hour special, titled "Sharon Isbin: Troubadour," is a wonderful piece that artfully shares this artist's passion for musical creation and exploration.

Isbin has a pioneering spirit and has often found a way around obstacles and embraced genre-bending projects.

Guitar World had the opportunity to talk with her about Troubadour, and some of her other experiences and projects as well. READ THE FULL Guitar World INTERVIEW.