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The Bad Plus - Inevitable Western / Jazz Views review

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Inevitable Western is the tenth studio offering from the Minneapolis-based trio, The Bad Plus. On the surface, one would look at this album and dismiss it as another Jazz Piano trio album.  It is anything but.  The Bad Plus function as a group of three leaders, where each one has a voice in the direction of the music.  It is interesting to hear a group with no sidemen!

Inevitable Western is entirely made up of originals.  The music is similar to their previously recorded works, in that they play music with many different feels.  They are a difficult group to pigeonhole, as they embrace elements of Pop, Classical and the best of the traditional Jazz trio recordings.  You hear a great many influences in this group.  It is obvious that they have listened to and played a lot of different music, and over their nearly fifteen year history, they sound like they are all playing this music, using one brain.  A very tight ensemble, yet the music, even at its most chaotic, comes across as very relaxed. READ THE FULL Jazz Views REVIEW.