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Wolfgang is back, Bach is back, KMZT1260 is back, K-Mozart is back

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Mount Wilson FM announces new digital hybrid technology on KMZT AM 1260 to revive classical radio in Los Angeles and Southern California.

62 years ago Mount Wilson launched classical music on 105.1 FM when less than 25% of homes had FM receivers. Industry experts dismissed it as futile. December 1st, 2020 Mount Wilson again swims against the tide with the assistance of digital technology to re-launch Wolfgang and Bach on KMZT 1260 with an improved analog signal and hybrid technology providing KMZT with stereo. And assisted with Digital FM on 105.1 HD4,, and on smartphone app (K-MOZART) nationally.

Listen As Follows:

1. KMZT 1260 Analog And Hybrid Digital

2. 105.1 Hd4

3. Kmozart.Com

4. K-Mozart App(On Your Smart Phone)