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Vienna Philharmonic 2015 New Year's Concert / WETA: CD Pick Of the Week

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Now that summer is here, with its typical 3H (hazy, hot and humid) DC area weather wilting us all by 8 am every morning, this might be a good time to remember the cold January 1, 2015.  With highs in the 40s that Thursday, we were looking forward to a cold, wet, breezy weekend.

At which time we were probably also longing for the kind of weather we will have this week in Washington.  And, we were looking forward to the annual broadcast of the New Year's Day Concert from Vienna at 8 pm that evening on Classical WETA.

That concert, the official recording of which is our CD Pick of the Week, was the fifth time Maestro Zubin Mehta was the conductor of the traditional event.  Only three others have conducted it as many times or more.  Since 2009, these concerts have paid tribute in the musical selections to the career of the conductor.  Since Mehta's musical home has always been Vienna (although he was born in Mumbai in 1936), it wasn't much of a stretch to include music about student life, and musical life, in the Austrian capital. 

And with the usual double finale of the Blue Danube and Radetsky March, it was a fine celebration of the new year.  Tune in this week for this joyful music, from a recording that features excellent program notes by Professor Clemens Hellsberg of the first violin section, and beautiful photos of the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna, where the concert is held each year.