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Spotify Ceo - These Are The Facts / Music Industry Forum

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Taylor Swift is absolutely right: music is art, art has real value, and artists deserve to be paid for it.  We started Spotify because we love music and piracy was killing it.  So all the talk swirling around lately about how Spotify is making money on the backs of artists upsets me big time.  Our whole reason for existence is to help fans find music and help artists connect with fans through a platform that protects them from piracy and pays them for their amazing work.

Spotify has paid more than two billion dollars to labels, publishers and collecting societies for distribution to songwriters and recording artists. A billion dollars from the time we started Spotify in 2008 to last year and another billion dollars since then. And that's two billion dollars' worth of listening that would have happened with zero or little compensation to artists and songwriters through piracy or practically equivalent services if there was no Spotify. READ THE FULL Music Industry Forum ARTICLE