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Kansas Public Radio 'BLANC' interview with Angele Dubeau

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Violinist Angele Dubeau recorded BLANC after months of her battle against cancer. She says: "BLANC like purity and serenity. BLANC for luminous music that can bring interior peace through its strength and powerful evocation. Fully charged emotions that reflect the strange solitude found in illness. This music is of Brubeck, Dompierre, Golijov, Hisaishi, Morricone, Mozetich, Munsey, O'Connor, Phillips, Sakamoto, Schyman and Stevens. A music without artifice, real and filled with hope. This album tells my story, the story of a woman like many others who had to fight against illness and, serenely, came out of it stronger." 

Kansas Public Radio's Mark Edwards recently spoke with the Canadian violinist about her latest project, "Blanc."  Click on "listen" to enjoy the conversation!