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Cristina Pato Quartet & 'The Music of Strangers' documentary will visit Ohio University campus / The Post

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An award-winning instrumental group is coming to Ohio University's campus, and to get everyone excited for the performance, a documentary about one of the members will be shown at The Athena Cinema. The Cristina Pato Quartet will visit campus Sept. 24 as part of the Performing Arts and Concert Series. Additionally, a documentary on the Silk Road Ensemble, the group through which Pato first attracted an American audience, will be shown at the Athena Cinema on Tuesday Sep 25.

The Silk Road Ensemble was created by cello virtuoso Yo-Yo Ma with a vision of people embracing others' differences and the impact that would make on the world. The musicians are chosen from all over the world, ranging from Spain and Japan to Syria and the United States. The group often says that although they don't all speak the same language, they all speak the language of music. In 2015, a documentary was made about the Grammy award-winning group called The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble. It was an independent film that was shown at the Athena in 2016. Holzaepfel saw the film when it was first shown in Athens and felt that it was only fitting to coordinate Pato's arrival to campus. He coordinated with the director of the Athena Cinema, Alex Kamody, to arrange a one-night-only screening of the documentary.