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Leon Fleisher / interview

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Leon Fleisher recently spoke with about many topics, including Artur Schnabel, young musicians' weaknesses, and his focal dystonia. Fleischer studied with Schnabel starting at the age of 9 and learned to authentically interpret classical repertoire by dilligently following composers' original text and instructions. Now, he finds that many young musicians have attained a high level of technical proficiency, but lack the musical integrity and depth he developed under Schnabel. "The level of mediocrity is constantly rising," he comments.

For over 5 decades, Fleischer has struggled with focal dystonia, a neurological affliction that impairs movement in his right hand. He worked for many years as a conductor and teacher while performing repertoire for the left hand only. But through new forms of treatment and therapy, he regained the ability to play with his right hand and has recorded several albums with both hands over the past few years.