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The Bad Plus set to play NYC's Jazz Standard / Village Voice

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Ethan Iverson, Reid Anderson, and David King, the musicians who play together as The Bad Plus, are from Minneapolis, but they have New York to thank in part for their widespread success: it was here, in 2002, that an executive from Columbia Records heard them play at the Village Vanguard and signed them soon after (they have since parted ways with the label). They lie at the intersection of pop and avant-garde, coaxing catchiness out of their own spectacular jazz compositions, but just as often succeeding in the difficult task of covering pop and rock music (Nirvana, Radiohead, Aphex Twin) in a jazz style without making it sound like lounge. They highlight the unrecognized fact that good music of one genre has more in common with good music of another than it does with bad music in its own; in their nimble fingers, "Heart of Glass" becomes a dizzy, fluttering number that obsesses on that perfect hook in the chorus, while their version of "Lithium" is even better at communicating the woozy, lost feeling of medication than the original. Lately they've been touring with Joshua Redman, the saxophonist who joined them for their latest album, but at the Jazz Standard it will be the pure trifecta, doing their unusual, beautiful thing.

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