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Jan Lisiecki - Mendelssohn is this week's GRAMOPHONE podcast

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Jan Lisiecki, Gramophone's Young Artist of 2013, has reached the venerable age of 23, and has just released an album for DG that contains Mendelssohn's two piano concertos alongside two major solo works.

The Canadian pianist joins forces with the conductorless Orpheus Chamber Orchestra to release a pair of early Romantic masterpieces: Mendelssohn's Piano Concertos in G minor and D minor, complemented with a selection of Mendelssohn's most brilliant pieces for solo piano: the Variations sérieuses, the Rondo capriccioso and the "Venetian Boat Song" from the Songs without Words. Lisiecki finds it remarkable that the concerto begins as if "in the middle of a piece," and particularly appreciates the buoyancy of this early work – he thinks of it as like "a nature trip" and notes that its "lightness of touch ... reminds [him] very much of playing Mozart." 

In this week's Gramophone Podcast he talks to Editor-in-Chief James Jolly about Mendelssohn the pianist, much admired by Liszt, Chopin and Schumann, programming Mendelssohn's music and working with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.