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Somi - The Lagos Music Salon / PopMatters interivew

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The warm musical wind that swept through late summer was the lush creation of a singer named Somi. Her recording, The Lagos Music Salon, is the kind of album that is rare today; a complete experience that evokes a place, an environment, a culture, and a group of people.

The Lagos Music Salon pulses with African rhythms, absolutely, but it's equally centered around the kind of storytelling you might find in a Paul Simon song, the soulful singing of a Stevie Wonder song, and the improvisational adventure of jazz. Equally appropriate for careful listening or a hip party on a Saturday night, this is the kind of music that leaps so smoothly across boundaries as to make categories irrelevant. Will Layman spoke with Somi about her new album, her musical origins, and how she came to be a jazz singer who is not really a jazz singer at all. READ THE FULL PopMatters INTERVIEW.