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NerdSpan gives strong recommendation to Danny Elfman's Rabbit and Rogue

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In terms of artistic arithmetic, Rabbit & Rogue definitely follows the less is more formula, as in listening to Elfman minus movies, you meet Elfman unfettered by film. That said, Danny Elfman's style is so pronounced and evocative of ‘the movies' that when I first started listening to Rabbit and Rogue it was as if I discovered herunto discarded motifs from his movie scenes. How to describe the Elfman musical signature? I would call it Sci-Fi Americana, as it seems equal parts Coplandesque wistfulness for the lost horizon and Kirk wrestling a shirt-shredding Gorn to note-plucking harmonies wrung from Stravinsky. While I'm very curious to see the ballet for which this soundtrack was composed, Rabbit & Rogue is already such an evocative and imagistic piece that the music already dances-the notes are not only sounding but performing.

Rabbit & Rogue has six tracks: "Intro"; "Frolic"; "Gamelan"; "Rag"; "Lyric"; and, "Finale." However, "Intro" is more or less a truncated version of "Gamelan," so really there are five distinctive pieces of music on Rabbit & Rogue.

Overall Rabbit & Rogue receives a strong recommendation not only for soundtrack nerds looking for a new Danny Elfman for their collection, or writers looking for more creative juice, but for fans of ballet and those more voracious music junkies that are looking for something new.  The limited deluxe edition of Rabbit & Rogue arrived in stores on June 30th, and you can find it through this link; alternatively, you can buy it digitally through here.