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Mosh Pit

Sono Luminus

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ZOFO - Mosh Pit
ZOFO - Three Dance Portraits
Robert M. Greenberg
ZOFO performing live in Brisbane, Australia
ZOFO Q&A with Musica Viva Australia
1 Gershwin: Cuban Overtur
2 Nancarrow: Sonatina/Presto
3 Nancarrow: Sonatina/Moderato
4 Nancarrow: Sonatina/Allegro
5 Barber:Souvenirs Op.28/Waltz
6 Barber:Souvenirs Op.28/Schottische
7 Barber:Souvenirs Op.28/Pas de deux
8 Barber:Souvenirs Op.28/Two-Step
9 Barber:Souvenirs Op.28/Hesitation
10 Barber:Souvenirs Op.28/Galop
11 Corigliano:Gazebo Dances/Overture
12 Corigliano:Gazebo Dances/Waltz
13 Corigliano:Gazebo Dances/Adagio
14 Corigliano:Gazebo Dances/Tarantella
15 Shawn:3 Dance Portraits/Lilting
16 Shawn:3 Dance Portraits/Grazioso
17 Shawn:3 Dance Portraits/Hard Edged
18 Schoenfield:5 Days/Metamorphoses
19 Schoenfield:5 Days/Labyrinth
20 Schoenfield:5 Days/Elegy
21 Schoenfield:5 Days/From a Bintel Brie
22 Schoenfield:5 Days/Boogie
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"...vibrant, beautifully blended playing" - "..brilliant sound and a suave deployment of four hands at one piano"
San Francisco Chronicle 

"...the performances have a very attractive looseness that persists through all the technical fireworks. A most enjoyable piano four-hands release." - AllMusic

Sono Luminus is excited to release this second album from the dynamic duet ZOFO: Mosh Pit, where Eva-Maria Zimmermann and Keisuke Nakagoshi put their considerable keyboard skills to the test in an exciting, in-depth  exploration of dance-inspired duet compositions by six distinctly American voices of the twentieth century – George Gershwin, Conlon Nancarrow, Allen Shawn, Samuel Barber, John Corigliano and Paul Schoenfield. With pieces ranging from waltz to tango to boogie and beyond, ZOFO's high energy interpretations beg the question: Shall we dance?

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