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Yusuf Cat Stevens on the Peace Train at SiriusXM

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Yusuf / Cat Stevens, one of the most influential singer-songwriters of all time, released his highly anticipated new album, The Laughing Apple, on September 15 under his Cat-O-Log Records logo exclusively through Decca Records, the same label that launched his career 50 years ago. The Laughing Apple follows the common ‘60s template of combining newly-written songs with a number of covers – except that all the covers are from Yusuf's 1967 catalogue. The Laughing Apple celebrates some of his earliest material, presenting the songs as he has always wished they had been recorded. "There are some I always wanted to hear differently," he explains. "Many of my earlier recordings were overcooked with big band arrangements. They crowded the song out a lot of times."

Stevens stopped by SiriusXM, The Bridge & The Village to discuss life and the new album. Listen to the attached segment, and here's the broadcast schedule

Sunday Oct 15 The Village Folk Show" on The Bridge, SiriusXM ch32 and on the SiriusXM App @  10 PM to 2 AM PT. Yusuf Cat Stevens Exclusive!  on around 10 PM ET. Rebroadcast on SiriusXM The Village ch741 online in the USA and Canada 6x)

Oct 16 Monday 6  PM ET (Village Folk Show 6-10 PM ET)
Oct 17 Tuesday 12 PM ET  AND 6 PM ET (Village Folk Show 12-4 PM ET)
Oct 19 Thursday  8 AM ET (Village Folk Show 8-12 PM ET)
Oct 20 Friday 12 PM ET
Oct 21 Saturday 10 AM ET