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Ying Quartet

Anton Arensky

Sono Luminus

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Ying Quartet performs Arensky
Ying Quartet: Finding a Voice
Ying Quartet: Inspiring the Next Generation
1 Arensky: String Qt. #1 Gmaj/ I. Allegro  
2 Arensky: String Qt. #1 Gmaj/ II. Andante sostenuto  
3 Arensky: String Qt. #1 Gmaj/ III. Menuetto  
4 Arensky: String Qt. #1 Gmaj/ IV. Finale  
5 Arensky: String Qt. #2 Am/ Moderato  
6 Arensky: String Qt. #2 Am/ Theme: Moderato  
7 Arensky: String Qt. #2 Am/ Var. I. Un poco piu  
8 Arensky: String Qt. #2 Am/ Var. II. Allegro non  
9 Arensky: String Qt. #2 Am/ Var. III. Andantino  
10 Arensky: String Qt. #2 Am/ Var. IV. Vivace  
11 Arensky: String Qt. #2 Am/ Var. V. Andante  
12 Arensky: String Qt. #2 Am/ Var. VI. Allegro con  
13 Arensky: String Qt. #2 Am/ Var. VII. Andante con  
14 Arensky: String Qt. #2 Am/ Coda: Moderato  
15 Arensky: String Qt. #2 Am/ Finale: Andante  
16 Arensky: Piano Quintet Dmaj/ Allegro moderato  
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Sono Luminus is proud to be a part of the Ying Quartet's commitment to expanding the rich string quartet repertoire with their latest release, Anton Arensky. Chamber music fans may be familiar with Arensky's beautiful and exciting "Piano Trio No. 1". Arensky's chamber music writing shows off some of his greatest strengths as a composer, and throughout his trios, quartets and quintet, his music is consistently lyrical, expressive, rich, and often brilliant. Because of Arensky's close relationship with Tchaikovsky, the release makes an intriguing follow-up to the Ying Quartet's earlier GRAMMY-nominated record, Tchaikovsky: Three String Quartets And "Souvenir de Florence" Sextet In D Minor.

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