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William Susman

Fate of the Lhapa

Belarca Records

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1 Main Title  
2 Meeting with the Dalai Lama  
3 The Future  
4 Village  
5 Our Past - Pokhara  
6 The Calling - The Training  
7 The Work - Children - Alter  
8 Deities Enter  
9 Flags - Water Spirit  
10 Rhi and Ceremony - Inside the Temple  
11 Fate  
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Scoring the documentary Fate of the Lhapa was an inspiring experience. I worked with a marvelous director, Sarah Sifers, who trusted my musicianship and gave me the freedom to compose a score that attempts to capture the place, culture, spirit and passion of the Tibetan Shamans and their broader historical context. 


As with many of my scores, I look for melody and instrumentation that the filmmaker has captured on film. In Fate of the Lhapa, there were stunning musical moments including ritual chanting, a prayer vigil, bells, gongs, drumming and dance. All of these sonic elements contributed to my choice of melody, harmony, rhythm and instrumentation. 

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