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Will Wiesenfeld

Bee and PuppyCat from Netflix Series - Vol 1 & 2

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks
Release Date: July 21, 2023

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Lazy in Space Trailer | Cartoon Hangover
1 I Got Fired Today  
2 Bee Helps  
3 Café Cats  
4 PuppyCat Lullaby  
5 PuppyCat Comes Home (Reprise)  
6 Bee’s House (Bee Theme)  
7 Rain Walk  
8 Donut Planet  
9 Attack and Counterattack  
10 Relaxing and Stressful  
11 What’s Your Favorite Color? (Extended)  
12 Insert Coin (Extended)  
13 Cat Café 2  
14 Café Siblings 2  
15 Charles, Pancakes, and Broccoli  
16 Puff Punch  
17 First Dream  
18 Planet Wiggly  
19 Soda Gift Spill  
20 Planet Wiggly (Coda)  
21 Grasshopper  
22 You Love Me  
23 You Love Me (Reprise)  
24 Morning Bee  
25 Bee Theme (Reprise)  
26 Toast (Piano Variation)  
27 Orange! / Motorbike (Reprise)  
28 Where We Live Now  
29 Where We Live Now (Reprise)  
30 Planet Racetrack 2  
31 Mr. Cup’s Cup 2  
32 Space Lullaby (feat. Natasha Allegri)  
33 End Credits  
34 Ocean Drops  
35 Pretty Patrick Special Lunch  
36 Meeting Pretty Patrick  
37 Planet Mermaid Resort  
38 Cake Pillow  
39 Planet Bowl  
40 Galactic Bloom  
41 Cardamon Drops (Reprise)  
42 Galactic Boom (Reprise)  
43 PuppyCat Simple  
44 Planet Telepathy  
45 Planet Telepathy 2 / Can’t Leave  
46 Planet, Can’t Leave, Ugly Crier  
47 Frosting  
48 Date  
49 Planet Clown  
50 Planet Clown ( Reprise )  
51 Wesley Fishing  
52 Cake and Presents  
53 Wesley Fishing (Reprise)  
54 Planet Toilet, Friends, Wesley  
55 Planet Toilet 2  
56 Warlocks  
57 Class  
58 Planet Broken Heart  
59 Moully’s Theme  
60 Dishes  
61 Wishes Get Weird  
62 Cooking Prince  
63 Ship Interior  
64 Storm / Mom  
65 Space Lullaby (Instrumental)  
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Milan Records today releases music from the Netflix original animated series BEE & PUPPYCAT by composer WILL WIESENFELD. Available everywhere now are two albums of music written by Wiesenfeld for the series, which originally began as a cult classic web series before being rebooted by Netflix this past Fall as Bee & PuppyCat: Lazy in Space. Best known for releasing music under aliases BATHS and GEOTIC, Wiesenfeld brings a wealth of experience to the project, infusing the series with an electronic soundscape complimenting the show’s animation style – listen to Volume 1 & Volume 2 now. Created by Natasha Allegri, Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space is available to stream exclusively on Netflix – watch here.

Of the release, composer WILL WIESENFELD says, “It's been a wonderful experience working on the music for Bee and PuppyCat! The goal is always to meet the creator's vision as best as possible, and I think Natasha Allegri's clarity of vision made the process a breeze. The most fun challenge for me was allowing humor and cuteness to leave enough room for emotion when necessary, while not letting any one thing get in the way of the other. I'm very proud of the balance we struck. 

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