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Will Bates

Bliss OMPS

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks

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1 You And I  
2 This Is Real Life  
3 The Inside Of Your Head Must Be Amazing  
4 Rabbit Hole  
5 Trying To Reach You  
6 Kendo  
7 Light Bouncing Around Your Neurons  
8 You Have To See It For Yourself  
9 Great Overwhelming  
10 The Thought Visualizer  
11 Home  
12 Let's Go For A Swim  
13 Are You Really Here  
14 It Would Be My honor  
15 The Telekinetic Warrior  
16 My Braids Dad  
17 The Scenic Route  
18 Hotel Pleiades  
19 Blues Here We Come  
20 We're Back In  
21 Go  
22 Safe Harbor  
23 You're Here  
24 You And I (Fall On Your Sword Remix)  
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Milan Records today announces the release of BLISS (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK) with music by composer, multi-instrumentalist, and Fall On Your Sword founder WILL BATES.  Available everywhere now, the album features music from the romantic sci-fi thriller by writer and director Mike Cahill, which makes its debut on Prime Video and in select theaters on Friday, February 5 from Amazon Studios. This marks the third collaboration between BATES and Cahill.

Of the soundtrack, BATES says, "Collaborating with Mike Cahill continues to be one of my greatest joys. He is a visionary, and he's always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. There's so much mutual trust when we work together. He has the ability of putting everyone he works with in this safe, magical environment that really encourages experimentation. I find myself being challenged in new ways and, despite having worked on so many projects together, it seems as if I'm always trying something new with him… The key was to find the tonal balance that the story has; this mind-bending almost absurdist reality against Greg's heartbreaking journey. The scale of the movie let me really stretch the palette. Along with all sorts of mangled analogue synths, this was my first experience with a full orchestra, and also one that allowed me to dip into my background as a jazz saxophonist."

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