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Wilhelmina Smith

Works For Solo Cello, Per Norgard, Poul Ruders


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Salt Bay Chamberfest - Wilhelmina Smith plays Bach at Round Pond
Wilhelmina Smith plays Salonen's Breathe at Seal Cove Shore Preserve
Wilhelmina Smith plays N?rg?rd's "Solo Intimo" at Pemaquid Point
1 Per Norgard: Sonata No. 1 / I. Lento ma espansivo - Allegro non troppo  
2 II. Tranquillo  
3 III. Allegro con brio  
4 Per Norgard: Solo intimo movt. 1  
5 Per Norgard: Solo in scena: Cello Sonata No. 2  
6 Per Norgard: Sonata No. 3,  
7 II. Outcry  
8 III. Prayer II  
9 Poul Ruders: Bravourstudien / Overture  
10 Recitative  
11 Serenade 1  
12 Potpourri  
13 Etude  
14 Intermezzo  
15 Fantasia  
16 Serenade 2  
17 Variation classique  
18 L'Homme arme  
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Cellist Wilhelmina Smith's second album on Ondine continues exploring contemporary Nordic repertoire for solo cello. In her new album Smith has focus on Danish contemporary composers, Per Ngård (b. 1932) and Poul Ruders (b. 1949).

Both Nørgård and Ruders are known for their large-scale orchestral works. Nørgård, in particular, is known for his eight symphonies and has been hailed by many as one of the greatest living symphonists. It is therefore intriguing to look closer to his two very early lyrical solo cello sonatas, early masterpieces written just before completing his 1st Symphony. In 1980, the composer revised his second sonata by adding an extensive second movement, almost an entirely new sonata, to the existing work. Nørgård's 3rd sonata "What – Is the Word!" from 1999 is a short "Sonata breve" that takes its title from a quote by Irish playwriter Samuel Beckett.     

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