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Vox Clamantis

Cyrillus Kreek - The Suspended Harp of Babel


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1 Kreek: The Sun Shall Not Smite Thee  
2 Whilst Great Is Our Poverty  
3 Jacob's Dream  
4 From Heaven Above to Earth  
5 Bless the Lord, My Soul  
6 Awake, My Heart  
7 Orthodox Vespers  
8 Do the Birds Worry?  
9 Lord, I Cry unto Thee  
10 He, Who Lets God Prevail  
11 By the Rivers of Babylon  
12 The Last Dance  
13 Machaut: O Jesus, Thy Pain  
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Vox Clamantis, under the direction of Jaan-Eik Tulve, has established itself as Estonia's foremost small vocal ensemble, at home in the worlds of both old and new music. Their ECM New Series discography, accordingly, has ranged from Gregorian chant and Perotin (as on Filia Sion) to present-day composers including Arvo Pärt (The Deer's Cry), Erkki-Sven Tüür (Oxymoron) and Helena Tulve (Arboles lloran por lluvia). On The Suspended Harp of Babel Vox Clamantis turns its attention to Cyrillus Kreek (1889-1962), whose work also took nourishment from ancient sources as well as from contemporaneous musical currents.

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