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Vladimir Ashkenazy

Bach - English Suites 1-3

Decca Classics

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1 J. S. Bach: Suite No. 1 in A major, BWV806 / Prelude  
2 Allemande  
3 Courante I  
4 Courante II  
5 Double I  
6 Double II  
7 Sarabande  
8 Bourree I  
9 Bouree II & Bourree Da Capo  
10 Gigue  
11 Suite No.2 in A minor, BWV 807 / Prelude  
12 Allemande  
13 Courante  
14 Sarabande  
15 Les agrements de la meme Sarabande  
16 Bourree I  
17 Bouree II & Bourree I Da Capo  
18 Gigue  
19 Suite No.3 in G major, BWV 808 / Prelude  
20 Allemande  
21 Courante  
22 Sarabande  
23 Les agrements de la meme Sarabande  
24 Gavotte I  
25 Gavotte II & Gavotte I Da Capo  
26 Gigue  
27 J.S. Bach: Concerto in D Minor, BWV 974 / i. Andante  
28 ii. Adagio  
29 iii. Presto  
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Brought together on this unique double album are Ashkenazy's latest Bach recording of English Suites 1-3 and his first-ever Bach recording from 1965, the Concerto in D minor. An astonishing 56 years and a lifetime's experience of this timeless music span the two recordings, marking the longest exclusive association between pianist and record label in history. This new recording of the first three English Suites is the latest addition to Ashkenazy's discography of the major keyboard works of JS Bach.  Back in 2004 he began with ‘The 48' (the 48 Preludes & Fugues of ‘The Well-Tempered Clavier') and this was immediately greeted with critical acclaim: "The pianist's straightforward, intelligent, and vibrantly clear interpretations are a joy to hear", wrote Classics Today, going on to say "He eschews Glenn Gould's idiosyncrasies of tempo and phrasing, and proves more stylish than older, erstwhile Russian colleagues like Nikolayeva and Richter." Gramophone added: "you will surely return to Ashkenazy for his unfailing lucidity and musicianship."

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