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Vincent Oppido

A London Sketch

Release Date: January 26, 2024

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1 A London Sketch  

During the recording session for "Yes, Virginia!" in September 2023, I recorded a new piece called "A London Sketch." This energetic work was inspired by my musical impressions of London and its people. When I think of London, I associate it with elegance, poignancy, history, traditions, and friendliness. There is also a small recollection of my fright the first time I experienced left-side-of-the-road driving! London is one of my favorite cities and also the place where the Beatles recorded most of their amazing music. As a Beatles fan, it was thrilling to incorporate the "Mrs. Mills" upright piano, which was used on countless Beatles records. Can you spot the 5 Beatles quotations?

Release date: February 9, 2024
Label: East Parkwood Music
ISRC#: TCAHW2411976
UPC: 859783247313
Genre: Instrumental
Secondary: Soundtrack/Cinematic
ASCAP Vincent Joseph Oppido IPI: 646730925
ASCAP East Parkwood Music IPI: 366347440
Composed and Conducted by Vincent Oppido
Recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios
Engineered and Mixed by Simon Rhodes
Mastered by Marsh Mastering

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