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Vignola Collective

Gypsy Grass

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Slayer in the Grass - The Vignola Collective
The Vignola Collective - Fly Swatter
The Vignola Collective - Tetris Video Game Theme


Appel Direct
1 Funky Monkey  
2 Appel Direct  
3 A Minor Idea  
4 Professional Solutions  
5 Slayer In The Grass  
6 Fly Swatter  
7 My Back  
8 One Beautiful Evening  
9 Lemme Take You To The Beach  
10 Super Mario Bros.  
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Dare Records releases Gypsy Grass by the Vignola Collective, a mesmerizing collection played by some of the hottest musicians today. This CD shatters the barriers between popular music and traditional jazz, as these amazing virtuosos mix high-energy original material with unique renditions of such songs as "Lemme Take You To The Beach," written by Frank Zappa and ""Appel Direct," penned by Django Reinhardt and Stephanie Grapelli. Produced by Michael-Anthony Taylor and with executive producer Robert M. Zuckor, the result is a smokin' blend of jazz, fusion, gypsy, bluegrass, swing and blues music.

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