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Vienna Philharmonic

2024 - New Year's Concert w/Christian Thielemann

Sony Classical
Release Date: January 5, 2024

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CES 2018 - Pro-ject 175th Anniversary Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Turntable
1 Karel Komzak: Erzherzog Albrecht-Marsch, op. 136  
2 Johann Strauss: Wiener Bonbons. Walzer, op. 307  
3 Johann Strauss: Figaro-Polka, op. 320  
4 Joseph Hellmesberger: Fur die ganze Welt! Walzer  
5 Eduard Strauss: Ohne Bremse. Polka schnell, op. 238  
6 Johann Strauss: Ouverture zu Waldmeister  
7 Johann Strauss: Ischler Walzer  
8 Johann Strauss: Nachtigall-Polka, Polka schnell op. 222  
9 Eduard Strauss: Die Hochquelle. Polka Mazur, op. 114  
10 Johann Strauss: Neue Pizzicato-Polka, op. 449  
11 Joseph Hellmesberger: Estudiantina-Polka  
12 Carl Michael Ziehrer: Wiener Bürger. Walzer, op. 419  
13 Anton Bruckner: Quadrille, op. 121  
14 Hans Christian Lumbye: Glædeligt Nytaar Galop  
15 Josef Strauss: Delirien Walzer, op. 212  
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The Vienna Philharmonic and Christian Thielemann. The world’s most famous classical music event released on audio and video Including 9 New Year’s Concert premieres, inc. the Quadrille Op. 121 by Anton Bruckner. As in previous years, the Vienna Philharmonic’s 2024 New Year’s Concert will be released by Sony Classical in both audio and video formats. Under the baton of Christian Thielemann no fewer than nine of the works from the foot-tapping world of the waltz and polka are featured for the first time on the programme of what remains the most popular event in the world of classical music.

The live recording of the 2024 New Year’s Concert will be available on CD and digitally from January 12 as well as on DVD, Blu-ray & Vinyl from January 26. The Visual album will be released on February 2. There are few concerts in the world that are awaited with as much excitement as the New Year’s Concert from Vienna. This year, it was broadcast to over 90 countries all round the world, reaching an audience of millions of people.

The conductor at the 2024 New Year’s Concert was Christian Thielemann, the principal conductor of the Dresden Staatskapelle and Daniel Barenboim’s successor at the Berlin State Opera. Thielemann has had close musical links with the Vienna Philharmonic since 2000. He first conducted a New Year’s Concert in 2019 and regularly appears with the orchestra at its subscription concerts in the Vienna Musikverein, at the Salzburg Festival and on tour in Japan, China, Europe and the United States. 

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