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Vienna Philharmonic

2013 New Year's Concert

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Vienna New Year's Concert 2013 - Memories of Ernst or The Carnival of Venice, Fantasy, op.126
Vienna New Year's Concert 2013 : Radetzky Marsch ( English: Radetzky March )
CES 2018 - Pro-ject 175th Anniversary Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Turntable
1 Strauss: The Soubrette/ Quick Polka
2 Strauss II: Kiss Waltz
3 Strauss: Theatre Quadrille
4 Strauss II: From the Mountains/ Waltz
5 Von Suppe: Light Cavalry/ Overture
6 Strauss: Music of the Spheres/ Waltz
7 Strauss: The Spinner/ French polka
8 Wagner: Prelude to Act III
9 Hellmesberger II: Between the Two of Us
10 Strauss: Hesperus' Path Waltz
11 Strauss: Errand Boy/ Quick polka
12 Lanner: Styrian Dances
13 Strauss II: Melodies Quadrille
14 Verdi: Ballet music from Act III
15 Strauss II: Where the Lemons Blossom/ Waltz
16 Strauss I: Reminiscences of Ernst
17 Strauss: Chatterbox/ Quick polka
18 Strauss: New Year's Greeting
19 Strauss II: The Blue Danube/ Waltz
20 Strauss I: Radetzky March
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Sony Classical is pleased to announce the release of the recording of one of the world's most famous classical music events: the 2013 New Year's Concert with the Vienna Philharmonic. Austrian conductor Franz Welser-Möst returned to direct the 2013 concert following the success of his debut in 2011. The New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic is firmly established as one of the longest-standing and most prestigious music events worldwide. In its history of more than seven decades, the orchestra has been led by many of the most famous conductors and experienced by millions of people via TV broadcasts in over 70 countries. As Clemens Hellsberg, the chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic, emphasized, the plaudits that Franz Welser-Möst earned for this event in 2011 and his close association with the musical life of Vienna as General Musical Director of the State Opera made him a natural choice for the role in 2013.

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